Lux Bodyworks - Mobile SPA & Personal Fitness Training
Better Health and Wellness starts here!!
Our mission at Lux Bodyworks is to help change your life. We are professionals that have great respect and compassion for our clients. Our method of training is to motivate, encourage and help you successfully achieve your goals.
People are currently dealing with day to day stress that can be very damaging to the body; stress stops here with Lux Bodyworks. Our clients are committed to us because we focus on their goals and their vision of success. Positive thinking, creates positive results.


All training sessions are provided to you in the comfort of your own home or business.  We provide all equipment.
Please navigate through the following pages, you will find wonderful information that will benefit you as well as your family, and friends. Experience a life change!!
*Call us: Steve 480-580-1827

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