Lux Bodyworks - Mobile SPA & Personal Fitness Training
It is never easy to find a personal trainer who fits your personal needs, let alone the needs of both you and your spouse. My athletic husband wanted to maintain and build muscle for his Australian football matches. I wanted to lose fat and inches. Despite these differing needs, Steve Lux created a workout plan suitable for us both, making the sessions challenging yet fun. We are so addicted to his training, we happily drive out to Gilbert from our place in Paradise Valley. My husband despite being in his mid-30's, continues to play top level Australian football with little injury. I have transformed from a size 12 to a size 6. Our success is due largely to Steve's rare talent as a personal trainer. Steve never goes on "auto-pilot" as I have seen so many trainers do. No two workouts are ever alike. He constantly researches innovative excersices that are challenging.
Matt and Melissa Bracher
I have had the privilege of training with Steve over the past five years. He has made a positive impact on my life because of his dedication to physical fitness and by helping me with a work-out routine to fit my personal needs. I have always suffered from a chronic knee condition for several years and Steve always takes the time to make sure I am doing exercises to strengthen the muscles that support my knees. He is dedicated to making the quality of my life better.
Nancy Boyd
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